NL Texas Holdem Poker Tips – 2 Simple Yet Revolutionary Tips

By Alex Bannon

Don’t miss out on these two very simply yet absolutely revolutionary NL Texas Holdem Poker tips on how to win more today.

You have probably never even though of these NL Texas Holdem Poker tips and that may be the reason for your current limited level of success or even lack of it. Once you read this whole article and fully understand these revolutionary ideas the whole way you play poker should change.

First Most Revolutionary NL Texas Holdem Poker Tips

Master the basics. There is so much to be said in life if you just master the basics. Stop trying to get fancy and fabulous straight up. Perfect your pre-flop game, perfect your betting strategy, perfect calculating odds, master reading players, master putting and opponent on a hand.

There are so many fundamental basic skills that make a great player poker just that, great. You don’t need anything fancy to be a poker pro, just master the basics.

Second Revolutionary NL Texas Holdem Poker Tips

Factor losses into the equation. What this means is don’t just expect you will always win. In fact, you will actually lose sometimes and this is ok. The biggest reason good players lose is just bad luck.

For example, if you play a sure thing hand of 85%-15% you will win most of the time, but sooner or later that losing 15% will come around. Factor that in.

Before you now go on and learn even more NL Texas Holdem Poker tips that will instantly improve your game have a think about how you must implement these revolutionary ideas into your own poker game. How would it feel to be a complete master of all the fundamental basic skills of Holdem?

Imagine absolutely cleaning up every time you played poker because you were such a solid poker player. Think about all the cash you are going to make just because you took action and learn what to do to be a successful poker player.

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Learn Texas Holdem Poker Rules Right Now – An Overview Of The Game

By Alex Bannon

If you need to learn Texas Holdem Poker Rules read this article right now. You will get an overview of all of the poker rules required to play Holdem.

When we speak about Hold Em Poker, we can’t help thinking about Texas; specifically, Robstown, Texas. This is where Texas Holdem Poker originated round the 1900s. The game became known all over Texas right after its creation and was brought by a Texan gambler to Las Vegas in the year 1967 where it really flourished as a casino game.

The popularity of Holdem dashed in the year 2000s which is when both players and money flocked to the poker industry. This is mainly because of various mass-market publicity, mainly on TV and online. Another thing that makes Texas Hold Em Poker popular that it is simple to learn.

Perhaps, you are still wondering how Hold Em Poker is played and want to learn Texas Hold Em Poker rules. Well, the game policies of poker are actually very easy to learn. As a matter of fact, 10 minutes is enough to learn its rules. However, it will take you a lot of time to master the game.

Learn Texas Holdem Poker Rules Right Now: Here’s An Overview Of The Game

– Texas Holdem Poker is played by two to ten people,

– It consists of four rounds of games. – Each of the players is provided with two face-down cards called the hole cards.

– Another set of five community face-up cards are also given to the players in which they can use to make their hand. – These cards will be used by each player to generate the best potential five card hand combination.

– During the showdown, the player having the best hand wins the pot.

Actually, the only thing that makes learning Texas Holdem Poker rules different from any other type of poker game is the presence of the shared community cards. This adds excitement to the game.

You can play Texas Holdem Poker at any casinos or at home or even in online poker rooms so it’s up to you where you are going to play the game.

If you want to learn more about Texas Holdem Poker, and not just the rules but brand new tips, tricks, tactics, strategies and more – so that you can actually win when you play – then please continue to research and learn about this exciting game.

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Texas Holdem Poker History Rules And Fundamental Facts

By Alex Bannon

This Texas Holdem Poker history article will cover all the important Texas Holdem Poker history you need to know to be a true Holdem buff.

Texas Holdem Poker is a version of Poker for between 2-10 players and is one of the most popular forms of poker.

Poker used to be family thing or an affair between friends. However the ability to play cheaply and anonymously online has been credited as a cause of the increase in popularity of Texas Hold Em.

Hence reason why the number of Texas Holdem tournaments have increased tremendously both in the USA and abroad.

The Texas State Legislature officially recognizes Robstown, Texas, United States as the game’s birthplace, dating the game to the early 1900s. Texas Holdem is commonly played both as a “cash” or “ring” game and as a game.

Texas Holdem is a community card game typically played on a single table with two to 10 players. It is the game of choice for the average poker player seeking to step up to the plate for more serious competition.

Due to its fast paced play and simple game rules; it has now become the most widely played game in the world. The game consists of two cards being dealt face down to each player and then five community cards being placed face-up by the dealer.

The fundamentals are; you get two cards facedown and then work with five face-up “community” cards revealed in stages after rounds of betting. The object is to make the best five-card poker hand using what you were dealt plus the community cards.

You can get lucky with the cards or win by bluffing your opponents into thinking you have the “nuts” or a great hand.

Poker’s popularity is largely attributed to the rise of online gaming, where players engage and socialize in real-time over the Internet, and the inevitable publicity created by high profile TV shows like the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour.

The Texas Holdem gained traction from the movie Rounders (1998), starring Matt Damon and Edward Norton.

Texas Holdem has been televised since the 1970’s and most notably, it is played as the main event in many of the famous tournaments, including the World Series of Poker. It is estimated that there are reportedly over 100 million active poker players worldwide.

The Texas Hold Em (no limit) tournaments, games in which no re-buys were possible – where players are not permitted to buy more chips in the course of the tournament – have become a source of revenue to registered casinos and local authorities through taxation.

The skills and experience needed in Texas Holdem games has saved the tournaments from litigation supporting that it is gambling and therefore should be restricted to licensed casinos on.

Of course, this isn’t all the Texas Holdem Poker history, rules, or other information, but it’s a great start if you are very interested in Holdem Poker. The only next thing to do is continue on to learn even more about this fantastic game.

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Texas Holdem Poker History Revealed In Full

By Alex Bannon

This article will completely reveal all the Texas Holdem Poker history to date, including how Doyle Brunson revolutionized Holdem.

Texas Hold Em is undoubtedly the most popular variety of poker games. You shall find it prevalent in almost all the casinos of the United States.

Texas Holdem Poker History – Old Times

There exists no clear evidence regarding the origin of Texas Holdem Poker. The saying goes that this popular game originated in Robstown, Texas during the third decade of 19th century and soon spread throughout Texas.

A group of gambling and card-playing enthusiasts, which included Crandell Addington, Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim, introduced Holdem to Las Vegas in 1967.

In the beginning, Golden Nugget Casino was the only casino which offered Texas Hold Em in Las Vegas. But the Golden Nugget’s poker rooms were extremely dirty and filthy. Because of its poor ambience, Golden Nugget did not receive many rich-class clients. In 1969, the professional Texas Hold Em players were invited to play at Dunes Casino.

Texas Holdem Poker History – Getting Popular

Dunes’ prominent ambiance, coupled with the lack of experience of poker players with Texas Hold Em, resulted in stipendiary game for the professional Holdem players. Benny and Jack Binion, in 1970, started ‘World Series of Poker’ in their casino Binion’s Horseshoe, Las Vegas. The popularity of the game has grown leaps and bounds since then.

There were only 8 players in the first World Series of Poker tournament; and in 2002, this figure skyrocketed to 800 players. Now, the World Series of Poker is televised all over the United States, which means the game has grown in popularity too.

Texas Holdem Poker History – New School Success

New Hold Em tournaments are popping up around the world and new players are getting in to this game every day.

In 1978, Doyle Brunson authored and self-published his radical strategic guide to Texas Holdem; the “Super System”. This book transformed the way Hold Em was played.

Today, this book is considered as the Bible for Texas Holdem players. Later on, in early 1980s, the game was introduced in Europe by bookmakers Terry Rogers and Liam Flood.

Texas Holdem Poker History – Online Poker Takes Over

Thanks to modern electronic media, Hold Em players need not travel all the way to Las Vegas or any local casino to enjoy the exciting game. Online poker sites offer you to play the game from just about anywhere in the world.

You only need to have an internet access. So, whether you are sipping coffee in the privacy of your own room or you are on an outing, you can enjoy this fascinating game from wherever you want.

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