Top Online Poker Players

This is a list of the current top online poker players. It’s a very simple and straight forward list. To get listed, players need for Pocketfives to access their winning history at the sites they play on and will chart their games and how much won. The result is the list and includes recent tournaments. Some results are higher but rank lower because the recent results have improved for the higher positioned players. Winners do come and go but look at their cumulative results and you realize the amount of money players actually win online. It’s amazing.
C Darwin2 $6,909,423
SvZff $7,236,438
lena900 $7,853,722
joaosimaobh $6,211,897
r4ndomr4gs $9,299,208
veeea $7,351,842
Sheater $8,764,065
inhoo $8,557,178
Ariados $7,764,619
Romeopro $8,070,667
What do these players have in common? The desire to be number one. Most of the players come from Sweden and two from Russia. The results are real.